I’m going to start this with a disclaimer: I’m not so great in the kitchen. I’ve never had a passion for cooking or baking; therefore, I don’t have the natural skills when it comes to recipes. I decided to take on the challenge of “Warm Nutty Caramel Brownies”. I believe I was set up for failure from the start. 1) They would not be served warm because they have to travel to work and wait around for a 2:30 meeting. 2) Something is up with my oven – I should call my landlord about that.

The recipe seemed simple at first, just a few things needed. I’ve made brownies and had some success in the past. There were a few special touches, but I was up for the challenge. The recipe called for “cake-like” brownies. I took that literally and thought it would be fun to combine a box of brownie mix with a box of cake mix. Spoiler alert: that mixture does not make cake-like brownies. It just makes cake.

Greg always takes photos of his food. So I decided to take some photos of my brownie journey. A couple things I learned:
– I really need to start a registry. I don’t own a real food processor or a mixer. These might have made my brownies more successful.
– Baking seems like more of a family activity. However, the lovely father/daughter photo on the back of the box kept me company.
– I’m glad a bought the nuts pre-chopped. This goes back to the food chopper problem.

Round 1 was a complete failure – straight to the garbage. Don’t be fooled by the photo, it did not come out well at all. Round 2 seemed ok – a little more of a cake consistency, some with nuts some without. All and all, this is not a recipe for a beginner – Greg’s supervision is definitely necessary!