The Food Network has a show called Dinner Impossible hosted by Robert Irvine. On each episode Robert is given some sort of crazy food challenge that he has to complete within a certain amount of time. The first episode I saw named Race on the Rails: Dinner Train: Impossible involved him preparing dinner for passengers of a luxury locomotive. It was quite entertaining to watch him work in the small kitchen of a train car. He never knows what the challenge will be until he shows up at the location.

Food Network Camera CrewLast week I got to be part of the taping of one of his future episodes. The challenge of this episode was that he had to make a meal that would be magical and fool magicians. He did this by working with the guys from Chicago’s Modo restaurant and he created dishes that were not quite what they appeared (or tasted) to be. For example, he made a soup that tasted like pizza!

Soup that tastes like pizza!Cheesecake or Meat?Nachos for dessert?

Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser) was the host of this episode and also helped in the kitchen. It was shot at the Orleans in Las Vegas during the Magic Live! convention. The meals were served to 16 magicians and there guests. Some of the magicians included Lance Burton and Siegfried. It should be a fun episode to watch when it airs on the Food Network on Halloween Night 2007.

Here is a photo of me and Neil Patrick Harris. (Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version)

Neil Patrick Harris

I also ran into David Blaine

David Blaine