For as long as I can remember I have always taken photos of food. Usually, well presented food, but sometimes not. I think I get it from my dad. He would always video tape the food when we were at a restaurant on vacation.

This blog will serve as an outlet for those photos and sometimes video of food. More importantly though it will be a journal for me to record my adventures in dining out or cooking in. I’ve been cooking regularly for 4 years now, but my love to cook can be traced back to my high school foods class where I won the coveted Golden Spoon Award! I’ll do a future post on the Golden Spoon Award and my secret to winning. I also produced a local cooking TV show for two years. I plan to also share some of my favorite recipes as well as reviews of various restaurants and wines.

I have to go make dinner now… Olive Garden inspired Stuffed Chicken Parmigiana!

Stuffed Chicken Parmigiana